Book Title: Learnwell Plus Science - 4
ISBN No:9789351801757
Published: 2014
Series: Learnwell
Binding: paper back

About the book

LEARNWELL Plus Science is a series of books 1 to 5 specially designed by the HFI marks a breakthrough in children's textbooks. This series makes learning a fun affair by presenting information in a refreshingly new format that is highly conducive to quick assimilation and retention of classroom lessons.

Main features of the series

• It is specially designed for students to develop scientific approach towards the subject.
• It is written in a simple and easy language which is appropriately graded.
• It makes elaborate use of visually attractive and self-explanatory illustrations and pictures.
For the teacher suggests various activities for the teacher to introduce various concepts to the students
Joey Says includes amazing facts pertaining to the topic.
Project work has been given to encourage children to use scientific concepts in day-to-day life.
Make your notes provides enough space to the students to jot down important points in the chapter.

Course component

• Course book
• Workbook
• Teachers’ guide
• Companion CD

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