Book Title: Learnwell Plus Mathematics - 1
ISBN No: 9789351801931
Published: 2014
Series: Learnwell
Pages: 210
Binding: paper back

About the book

LEARNWELL PlusMathematics is linked with the child’s everyday experiences. Mathematical concepts and vocabulary are introduced with clear explanations and sound supporting examples. These help children to apply mathematical skills confidently in their day-to-day life. There is ample focus on activities and exercises to develop logical thinking and reasoning among children.

Main features of the series

• Each mathematical concept is introduced to the children in the form a story.
• In-Text exercises are given after every topic in each lesson.
How Much Do You Know? exercises given at the end of every lesson to access the understanding of students.
Fun with Number includes funfilled activity-based exercises to develop practical skills in students.
Let us Practice includes chapter-based exercises for students to practise it on their own.
• Well-graded solved numerical examples are included as Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) based questions.
‘Formative Assessment (FA)’ section given at the end of each chapter includes: MCQs; Oral Test; True / False; Column Matching; Puzzles; Activity/Game and Mental Maths to hone mathematical skills and develop hands-on experience skills. These activities also build up team spirit.
‘Caution’ is added to make students careful in order to avoid some common mistakes committed in examinations.

Course component

• Course book
• Workbook
• Teachers’ guide
• Companion CD

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