Learnwell Science

The LEARNWELL series for Science aims to create a constructive learning environment for the learners by introducing theories with various illustrations, pictures, diagrams and charts for better understanding. The series inculcates scientific attitude in students by inviting them to observe, think, challenge, study and learn.


• Structured lesson plans for easy and interesting learning experience
• Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions analyse the actual concept in the context of new ideas
• Activities in the form of experiments generate interest in the learning process
• Quiz given at the end of important topics help revise the concepts learnt in the previous section
• Visually attractive and self-explanatory illustrations and pictures make learning an interesting process
• Includes projects and assignments, which aid students' skill of observation

In addition, each book in the series is equipped with Nytra, Web Support and Workbooks, which add further dimensions to the overall package

Learnwell Plus Science - 1
Learnwell Plus Science - 2
Learnwell Plus Science - 3
Learnwell Plus Science - 4
Learnwell Plus Science - 5
Learnwell Plus Science - 6
Learnwell Plus Science - 7
Learnwell Plus Science - 8
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