Environmental Studies

The LEARNWELL series for Environmental Studies is a carefully graded set of five books. It is created to implement a thematic approach, which connects learning with key concepts and ideas. It is designed to equip both the teacher and the learner to derive maximum benefit from the teaching and learning experiences. The series is created with clear explanations accompanied with varied and colourful illustrations to facilitate learning through visual stimulation. It is also based on the concept of ‘Green School’, which believes in promoting education for sustainable development, and includes innovative and inventive ideas for achieving the objectives.


• Designed to instill 21st century skills and engage learners in activities to help acquire experimental and psychomotor skills through observation
• The content motivates students to work towards protecting and conserving our environment
• Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment given at the end of each chapter cover wide range of study aspects
• Problem solving Assessment covers all possible practice questions for both classroom and self-study
• Sample Test Papers given after each unit for thorough revision

In addition, each book in the series is equipped with Nytra, Web Support and Workbooks which add further dimensions to the overall package.

Learnwell Plus Enviornmental Studies - 1
Learnwell Plus Enviornmental Studies - 2
Learnwell Plus Enviornmental Studies - 3
Learnwell Plus Enviornmental Studies - 4
Learnwell Plus Enviornmental Studies - 5
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